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ERP Marketing Module

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ERP Marketing Management System

Showcasing is an endeavor to make attention to the organization, anticipate and produce new enquiries. Today Advertising, deals advancement, broad merchant system and so forth., are the paramount capacities of advertising. Diverse modes of advertising produce distinctive effects and their exhaustive investigation helps an association in right choice making. Yet similarly essential for the association is to know how a specific procedure functioned in the advancement and accomplishment of a particular undertaking.

Promoting Management Module gives different devices of advertising to the association to get complete data in regards to the change of an enquiry into a deal through a particular mode and the quantum of exertions behind it, both as far as money and workforce. Complete catch up history is administered that makes the whole process, framework driven instead of individual ward.

Other significant instruments of advertising like arrangements for the executives, their work timetables, cautions for take after ups are additionally accessible on our module.

Features of Marketing Module
  • Extensive points of interest of different open tasks according to distinctive parameters ( unit sorts, gathering, piece, floor, rates and so on.) for the promoting executives to offer from the immense extent of classes.
  • All Advertisements and other special exercises are characterized and ordered with their expense to organization and are interfaced to the enquiries produced.
  • Normal advertising expense for a deal can likewise be determined.


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