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About Us
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Our Vision

SKEW InfoTech is built upon a foundation of passion, creativity and vision. To provide world class technology, consistently deliver ingenious, comprehensive yet cost-effective IT solutions and services for Global market by creating a professionally stimulating and blissful environment for "OUR TEAM" where Professionals thrive alongside the growth of our company.

Our Mission

To Transform our spheres of influence and to improve the quality of life by building Institutions that provide better access to get better opportunities, goods ands and services to more people all the time by introducing:

  1. Latest generation technologies.
  2. Adapt these technologies to suit the operating environment.
  3. Develop and present globally competitive,customer focused services of world class quality.
  4. Responsibly introduce these services in to relevant Markets.
  5. Provide world class customer support.

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SKEW Infotech, a complete IT solution provider mainly in business of Website Designing, Website Development, Outsource Solutions, E-commerce Sites, Web Hosting and Traning. The company was formed on Oct 1st 2013 and maintained a exceptional growth over the 5 months. "SKEW" achieved total financial stability since inception and grown solely based on internally generated funds. We have believed in providing our customer's with Best Price, Best Quality, Best Reliability and Best Support. Our strength is our customer base, their support, business relationship and advices helped us to get better day by day. SKEW has top-quality engineers, resulting in a dynamic, receptive workforce. The company has a strong customer focus. We have believed in providing our customer's with Best Price, Best Quality, Best Reliability and Best Support. The company has a strong customer focus. Employees are incentive to maximize customer satisfaction.Our clients are spread across the globe; we serve the needs of large to small business and industrial groups.



Customer For Life:

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To earn our customers' loyalty, we must listen to them, anticipate their needs and act to create value in their eyes.Client help is a reach of client administration to support clients in making savoir-faire and right utilization of an item. It incorporates aid in arranging, establishing, preparing, inconvenience shooting, support, overhauling, and transfer of an item. Concerning items, for example, versatile telephones, machines, programming items or other electronic or mechanical merchandise, it is termed as specialized backing.


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We believe integrity is more than just honesty, we know trust is the key to success and genuineness is more important than money, thats why we at Skew Infotech conduct ourselves and drive our business with the extreme integrity.This Statement of Business veracity sets onward the Group's benchmarks for accomplishing business worthiness. Adherence to these categorical benchmarks, we are liable to experience intricate circumstances in the numerous nations and societies in which we work together.


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It Takes Teamwork to Make a Company's Dream come true, hence we work together with a goal in order to achieve best of the best to the benefit of our esteemed Skew Infotech Members.The versatile nature and nature of some work makes it troublesome for a single person to finish allocated undertakings practically. Therefore, organizations structure groups of individuals with integral abilities who cooperate, pooling background and achieving normal objectives. As representatives arrange their exertion in a universally strong way.

Just Remember TEAM:

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Together Everyone Achieves More! Our group was educated that the revelation for "simply recall in the event that if you require me, call me and I will be there and no matter" is lost.


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We are here to lead, to be the most exceptional, nothing less. Authority is the craftsmanship or methodology of affecting individuals to perform rolled out undertakings willingly, creatively and viably. Empowering individuals to feel they have a say by the way they do something brings about larger amounts of employment fulfillment and profit. By adequately arranging and regulating the individuals and courses of action for which they are aware, directors give a positive Nod.

Striving for perfection :

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We always seek to progress and innovate. We are here to delight our Members in everything we do. This gives us the edge.All things considered, striving for good excellence perhaps, yes. Yet striving to look perfect or to play an instrument untarnished, and so forth, no. Striving for Moral excellence and honesty is something everybody ought to do as I would like to think.


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We succeed through a spirit of exceptional service by exceeding our Member's outlook. We outline industry-particularly it answers to help our customers take advantage of the new chances and fine-tune to the new tests of an evolving world.

Result Oriented:

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We are responsible to the success of our requirements-related activities. No matter the challenges will be faced, and stay decisively focused on the core principles of gaining alignment and achieving clarity. We also ensure that our efforts are consistently focused on delivering value for our major stakeholders – the company, our members.

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