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ERP Sales Module

Revenues from sales are live blood for commercial organizations. Sales module implements functions of order placement, order scheduling, shipping and invoicing. Sales module is closely integrated with organizations' ecommerce websites. Many ERP vendors offer online storefront as part of the sales module.

Sales Management System

ERP frameworks can turn into the submit where the client request lives from the time a client administration delegate gets it until the stacking dock transports the stock and the account sends a receipt. By having this data in one product framework, instead of scattered around numerous diverse frameworks that can't correspond with each other, organizations can stay informed regarding requests all the more effortlessly, and direction assembling, stock and transportation around numerous distinctive areas in the meantime.

The Order Entry module gives huge adaptability, control, and control over deals and request section strategies. Singular valuing methodologies are obviously characterized for every client dependent upon information from your own particular records. ERP Sales Order Entry permits you to enter deals requests as you take them. Deals requests might be entered commercial sell or by utilizing a deals format that was long ago cohorted to the client. Foundation data about the material, client or past transactions is effectively acquired through the click of a catch.

Requests might be entered utilizing any characterized weight or volume for the material. Printed structures, for example, the deals request affirmation or the receipt can have client thing names for the things.


Time Production Status for correct assessments of preparation abilities, Formula Production Status to handle a given thing, Inventory Commitment status report.

Customer Specifics

Client Order History for a given thing, default Tax Rates, Revenue records by Customer or Inventory Item

Order Tracking

Request Acknowledgement, Bills of Lading for Sales Orders and Warehouse Transfers, Packing Slips for Shipments, Pick Tickets and Bills of Lading


  • Sales Quotation
  • Invoice
  • Sales Order & Bar Code
  • Pending Sales Orders
  • Pending Sales Quotations For Authorization


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