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ERP Inventory Control Module
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Inventory module facilitates processes of maintaining the appropriate level of stock in a warehouse. The activities of inventory control involves in identifying inventory requirements, setting targets, providing replenishment techniques and options, monitoring item usages, reconciling the inventory balances, and reporting inventory status. Integration of inventory control module with sales, purchase, finance modules allows ERP systems to generate vigilant executive level reports..

Inventory Management System

The goal of stock administration is to give continuous handling, deals, or client administration levels at the base expense. Since for some organizations stock is the biggest thing in the current possessions class, stock issues can and do help misfortunes or even business disappointments. Additionally called stock control. See additionally stock dissection

Stock administration is fundamentally about tagging the shape and rate of loaded products. It is needed at distinctive areas inside an office or inside numerous areas of a supply system to move ahead the consistent and arranged course of generation and load of materials.

The extent of stock administration concerns the almost negligible differences between renewal lead time, convey expenses of stock, possession administration, stock guaging, stock valuation, stock perceivability, future stock value anticipating, physical stock, accessible physical space for stock, quality administration, recharging, returns and blemished products and interest forecasting.balancing these contending prerequisites prompts ideal stock levels, which is an on-going process as the business needs movement and respond to the more nature's domain

Stock administration includes a retailer trying to secure and uphold a legitimate stock grouping while requesting, delivering, taking care of, and related expenses are held under wraps. It additionally includes frameworks and methods that distinguish stock prerequisites, set targets, give recharging strategies, report real and anticipated stock status and handles all capacities identified with the following and administration of material. This might incorporate the checking of material moved into and out of stockroom areas and the accommodating of the stock equalizations. Likewise may incorporate ABC dissection, parcel following, cycle checking backing and so forth. Administration of the inventories, with the essential destination of determining/controlling stock levels inside the physical conveyance capacity to adjust the need for item accessibility against the need for minimizing stock holding and taking care of expenses.

Features of ERP Software's Inventory Management include the following:
  • Multi- Warehousing
  • Complete Stock levels from WIP to Multiple Stores, ordering levels to Booked stock.
  • Unlimited Unit of Measure support
  • Unlimited Bin and Batch support
  • Serial Number tracking
  • Barcode Picking
  • Create your own Barcodes, use Supplier Barcodes or Auto Create Barcodes
  • Barcode Stocktake
  • Batch Create products
  • Set Auto Re-ordertriggers
  • Integrated POS
  • Integrated Manufacturing
  • Extensive Real Time reporting
  • Multiple Pricing levels
  • Customer Specific Pricing

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