SEO image optimization must know every SEO companies

SEO image optimization must know every SEO companies

Vinitha September 20, 2016

The search engine optimization (SEO) has many techniques. There are many techniques are used to get traffic to your website. When its comes to SEO process for your website, you must know all the SEO techniques. Most commonly all the SEO companies knows that two major techniques in SEO. They are On Page Techniques and Off Page Techniques. This SEO image optimization comes with an on page SEO techniques. It must know every SEO company that boost their website traffic.

SEO image optimization

SEO Image Optimization

In search engine optimization, image optimization (Image Alt Tag) is one of the major off page techniques in SEO. Here we discuss about the SEO image optimization. It is important to know every SEO companies to get website traffic. It is not only for SEO companies, Online marketing companies, Digital marketers. It is a basic concept in search engine optimization (SEO). If everyone wants to know about search engine optimization (SEO), it is important to know everyone.

One of the important techniques in SEO called as Image alt tags. Most commonly known as SEO image optimization. It is an HTML code that describes an image that occurs on a web page. Where the image used for SEO optimization that describe the image. When it comes to SEO, it is important to use keywords that helps to rank your web page. Search engines not only crawl the text on your web page. It is also searched keywords within your file names in images. All the major seo company in tirunelveli must use these techniques for their website that gets more traffic in search engines.

The keyword is an important part in search engine optimization (SEO). The keywords should be mentioned in your Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords. Most commonly the keywords used in Image Alt Tags. Because the crawlers are search your keywords in your images. So it is important to put images in your website. Most probably, the SEO keywords should be used in your images. Before uploading images on your website, you need to reduce the image sizes. Because, the maximum size of an image can’t load faster. The image size should be maximum 100 to 500 Kb.


Let’s use this image as an example:


If you run a Marketing business in Coimbatore. Your images should have the keywords in your website using Alt Tags. Also think about how your customers search for services on your website.  Normally, the image file name should be DCMIMAGE25.jpg. For SEO process the image name should be Marketing-Business-Coimbatore-Cbe.jpg.

In the example above, marketing business may use this search terms :

  • Online Marketing Business in Coimbatore
  • Best Marketing Company in Coimbatore
  • List of Marketing Companies in Coimbatore

Optimize Your Alt Tags Logically

Alt tags are a text alternative to images. The alt attribute has the seo company in tirunelveli value of your website. The images of the alt tags  on your website can help better rankings in search engines.

No alt tag: <img src=”seocompany.jpg” alt=””/>
Alt tag, but not super descriptive: <img src=”seocompany.jpg” alt=” seo company”/>
Strong alt tag: <img src=”seocompany.jpg” alt=”seo company coimbatore”>

The source code of an alt tag:

SEO Image

The image SEO optimization used in : 

  • File name: Seo-marketing-company.jpg
  • Alt text: Seo online and marketing company in coimbatore.
  • Title text: SEO online marketing company in coimbatore.
  • Caption: The leading SEO online marketing company in coimbatore.

The images on your website are more difficult than text for search engines to know. As search engine crawl web content, alt tags on your images helps them to understand. Be sure to use alt tags on all your images with your keywords. This is more helpful for all SEO companies. They can use these techniques to their website to get more traffic. This SEO image optimization is most important technique to get traffic to your website.

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