Increase Website Traffic by Link Building

Increase website search traffic with a well-integrated Link Building Campaign

Increase Website Traffic by Link Building

Increase website search traffic with a well-integrated Link Building Campaign

Vinitha February 27, 2021

In the field of search engine optimization, link building remains an important digital marketing tool to improve search engine traffic. It remains a major natural ranking factor and improves brand visibility and authority.

Google recently announced that backlinks are one of the top 3 rating signals. Inbound connections and high-quality backlinks help drive referral clicks, create leads, and generate more sales.

Links are a signal to Google that indicates that websites are a quality resource worthy of citation. Thus, pages with more backlinks tend to get better scores. Link building is an easy method of getting quality and appropriate links to your website from external websites. Webmasters increase their domain ratings by rising the number of high-quality websites that link to the site.

Benefits of Link Buildings

Link Building is an important part of search engine optimization that helps improve the visibility of a website or blog. The number of inbound connections on quality websites will be used to assess the Google Page Rating (PR).

Search engines scroll through the links between the different pages on your website as well as the whole website.

Websites can only have high-quality backlinks if the web pages contain amazing content with appropriate keywords. People post web pages of high quality content through various social media networks, generating more backlinks that improve search engine traffic.

There are two simple ways search engines use links:

  • Identifying new web pages
  • To decide how well a web page can rate the search result
  • Inbound links from high-quality websites are still awarded in Google searches.

Some of the advantages of using link building are as follows:

  • Increases the visibility of web search for websites and blogs
  • Helps develop long-term partnerships with core influencers
  • Increases referral traffic and sales
  • Helps to quickly index search results

Link Building Technique

Link Building can be performed using different techniques.

  1. Evergreen Content – Most links would be added gradually to websites if the content seems to be of good quality and relevance.
  2. Guest Blogging – Writing guest posts is one of the easiest ways to create inbound links and boost traffic to your website.
  3. Info graphics – Info graphics are used to view a variety of information visually and intelligently. Visuals and graphics of this type tend to improve backlinks to websites.
  4. Directory Submission – A directory is used to apply a website URL to build backlinks. The more links you receive from high-quality and valid websites, the higher the rankings of your website.

How to set up a successful campaign for Link Building?

Various components are used to initiate a highly efficient, well-integrated link-building campaign.

  1. Set targets – It is crucial to know the aims and to set achievable deadlines for your campaign that will help you plan an acceptable business strategy.
  2. Find assets – Asset is the core of every campaign for building links that differs from business to business. You need to define the type of asset (such as content, data, products, services, etc.) for your business to be included in the link building.
  3. Determine outreach targets – A multi-step and ongoing process used in email and social media is used to classify web pages that appear in Google using the keyword.
  4. Find bloggers on Twitter – Twitter’s bio-search is one of the most powerful ways to create link-building leads.
  • Define the target audience for links – you need to consider and identify the target audience for the backlinks you have created.
  • Project performance monitoring – A multi-format link-building campaign involves more content types; hence, emphasis on monitoring and documenting relevant on-page events.
  • Customize content assets based on referral – When link acquisition strategies include both email and social media outreach, it is important to customize and optimize content assets based on the referral source to create link-building leads.


Link Building is a powerful off-page optimization strategy used to improve search engine traffic on websites. The launch of a well-integrated link-building campaign results in higher click rates and page rankings in search engine results.

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