Web Design Tricks

Web Design Tricks that will boost your conversions

Web Design Tricks

Web Design Tricks that will boost your conversions

Vinitha February 13, 2021

Conversion is the ultimate objective of any successful marketing campaign. And it goes without saying that conversions are extremely difficult to achieve. Research has also shown that the average conversion rate is 2.35 percent, which means that for every 100 individuals sent to your website, only 2 to 3 people can convert.

But you’re missing out on about 97 potential customers out of every 100.

Ok, there is optimism that better results can be reached as the top 25% of brands in different sectors have conversion rates of 5.31 percent or higher; what you need to do is find out the conversion techniques that these businesses use to apply in your own plan.

Let’s see 7 of these development conversion hacks that will see the conversions spike.

1. Negative Space is a companion of yours

Negative space is the unused or blank areas of your website, and when you build your website, you want to make the most of it.

Many newbie designers want to cram everything into a web page to make sure there is no negative space, but this is counter-intuitive as the knowledge overload weaves web visitors before they even read what you’ve written.

As a result, visitors bounce, potentially losing you conversions. To stop this, you need to accept negative space; break down text in a few sentences, use images to enhance the message and prevent a large block of text.

2. Use the Right Colors

This may be crazy, but 85 per cent of users say that colors are responsible for their purchasing, which means that, like most designers do, colors are not a component of web design to be ignored.

You need to use up to 4 colors on your webpage; one for text, one for background, one for any inbound link and one for contrasting color for your CTAs.

Using a contrasting color for your CTA is important, as it will allow the visitor to stand out and will most likely influence a click.

The colors you use also decide the type of feelings you trigger from your viewpoint. So pick the colors that help generate the passion that your customers need to interact in.

3. Navigation Simplification

Web users aren’t the most patient people, in general, statistics show that you only have 8 seconds to grab a visitor’s eye before you click the back button. This makes it important to ensure that the website is smooth enough for them to navigate.

If you can’t find what they’re searching for fast on your website, they’re sure to click the back button. To ease the navigation process, place the search bar on your website at the header and ensure that any navigation point is easily visible at first glance.

4. Avoid Free or Standard Templates

Free templates are perfect if you’re just checking your design skills or just trying to impress about with a few projects, but when it comes to your business, they’re a dangerous step. Standard templates are overused and offer visitors the impression that your brand is cheap.

You need a template that is unique to your company, customizable, as well as regularly modified and paying templates.

5. Use an Animated CTA

Conversions can take place without a call to action, since the visitor would somehow be directed to how to interact with the bid. The way you show your CTA, however, is important.

These factors show that animated CTAs are incredibly strong and have the potential to affect your decisions more effectively.

6. Integrate High-Quality Visuals

Humans are visual beings.

Study shows that the brain responds to visual stimulus rather than any other type, in fact, 90% of the brain process information is visual.

This gives you a clue as to how powerful visual content is to affect future decisions. That said, you’d like to avoid low-quality photos, as your visitors’ eyes will be drawn to any visual on your landing page.

You can get better images by employing a skilled photographer to take quality pictures for you or by getting a professional graphic designer to ensure that only quality visuals are used.

7. Responsive Web Design

Rather, it will only make sense to guarantee that the website is designed for mobile devices.

If visitors visit your site from a mobile device and it takes forever to launch, and they need to zoom in to see your content, there’s no estimate of the amount of potential customers you’ll lose.

Your best move is to provide a flexible interface that changes your web page to the platform visitor’s use.

How to Incorporate These Design Tips Effectively

The simplest and most reliable way to apply these 7 web design tricks to your website is to get a web design company to do it.

And if you’re hunting for the best web design company in Coimbatore, Skew Infotech is your best choice. Try clicking here to find out our options. Over the years, we have an established track record of progress as our portfolio indicates.

In 2018, 52.2 percent of all web traffic was from cell phones and the proportion continues to increase as more web users choose to surf the web on mobile devices.


Increasing the conversion rate is challenging, but you can do it with the right tactics. Simply apply the design hacks mentioned above on your landing pages and watch your conversions go up.

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