Page traffic ways in the Search Engine Optimization progress

Content marketing with SEO

Page traffic ways in the Search Engine Optimization progress

Content marketing with SEO

Vinitha September 18, 2017

Beneficial challenges in integrating content marketing with SEO

Massive growth of content marketing with SEO has improved marketing efforts well. Though content marketing and SEO is different disciplines, they combine together create magic in marketing business. You experience many challenges in integrating these two disciplines but trust us, your business poured with many marketing benefits. Have you wonder, how some smart business sites, achieve constant ranking in search engines? Their SEO is not just about traffic or conversions. Every smart marketing team success propel on content planning and content promotion.

That is why, we tell you to combine content marketing with SEO to expertise in contents. If you link SEO to content marketing strategy, it’s truly effective in online. New and hyper competitive niche dominated results with powerful brand creation is ultimate benefit to yield.

This success report give you a clear strategy to achieve similar results in your business. Indeed, you should make use of these two disciplines work together to create your success path.

content marketing with seo

What is content marketing and SEO ?

SEO and content marketing overlap with each other with major differences in their nature

Content marketing:

It is the future of marketing and it aims to target audience with valuable content promotion. A content marketer should write an excellent quality content first to attract target audiences. Content marketing is generally broader and don’t enclose to SEO goals.


Aspects and strategies of  seo company in chennai is very technical by nature. It is inclusive of correct URL, title and ALT tags usage. All those SEO related stuffs support and form the structure to content marketing.

Key factors of SEO plan that underpins around content marketing strategy

  • Finding out potential user’s needs and providing solutions
  • Making special price offers and discount sales on products and services
  • Exploring small content marketing plan to build content that attracts target audience
  • Using re-targeting lists to constantly communicate with customers
  • Working nature of Content marketing with SEO

As a search marketer you know organic search is important to your marketing strategy. You are well aware of content marketing as a tactic to engage target audiences with improved search rankings.

content marketing with seo

Content marketing with SEO: How it works?

There is still a perception exists that SEO is all about creating good content for search engines to index. It’s not about just writing contents alone as SEO work. An onsite SEO ground work should be done or else your content efforts go awry. If your site has punishment or google isn’t indexing pages properly, you need SEO expertise and great content. This is why, SEO experts and content marketing team should work together.

Content marketing is an excellent way to build relationship with customers. Well implemented content strategy creates trust and authority in market place. With organic search results and traffic your site engage with people very well.

  • It can convert them as fans and customers for your products. Remember, content marketing is not paid marketing and all those clicks and traffic from google are free.
  • Concept behind effective content marketing strategy is to tell interesting stories to people. Your content should not be labelled as marketing or selling. You can sell more by not selling products.
  • Your content develop awareness and create advocacy for your brand by creating values to users and their needs.
  • This way of content marketing strategy give you wider reach and impact and you can stand out of crowd in online presence.

Achieving your niche in marketing business

If you want to build a brand with good advocacy and authority you must achieve niche in market. To achieve this, A SEO professional must do keyword research and SEO analysis efficiently. It is best to know what your target audience what before investing in contents.

Here are the best ways to make SEO work together with content marketing.

Unique and quality content

Weak content produced to make numbers won’t work from a content marketing prospective. Also, thin content will not bring or retain audience. A unique and interesting content set you apart from your competitors. These are effective contents from SEO prospective which give search engines something to index. Original contents likely to attract more audiences to achieve marketing goals.

Creating fresh contents with SEO

Great strategy for improving search rankings. To deliver long term traffic, come up with fresh articles of valuable advice attracting links and engagement metrics. It is likely to Google Adwords Service perform well in search rankings for a longer time. It is a virtuous circle as high rankings means more visitors which leads to links and better rankings.

content marketing with seo

Keyword research

Keyword research is an important part for integrating content marketing with SEO. The quality content you create should achieve exposure it deserves. Your content should match with search terms that people are using. Too many technical terms doesn’t match with people searches. To avoid this, do keyword research to find out popular search terms.

Link building

Ensure your good contents distributed effectively to gain attention from influential audience. Create good contents that people want to link to others. Evergreen articles attracts impressive numbers of back links.

Internal Linking 

It is the best way to use content to achieve SEO goals as well as improving user experience. Internal linking helps google crawl your site effectively and pages to rank well for search terms. This is a part of thinking when writing and editing your contents.

Keyword goals

It’s important to monitor and measure your efforts once you have list of search terms in keywords. Content you produce hitting the mark. Effect on search positions. Results can take time and for some keywords it is competitive. Well applied strategy using focused content will pay off long term basis.


It is best to measure the effects of content in terms of SEO objectives. There are useful SEO tools to track changes in ranking positions to see your results.


Articles headlines are important and they should be descriptive enough to convince people to view your site. Consider the keywords and phrases when you write headlines in web. Consider

  • How people search for topics in web
  • How people find your articles

content marketing with seo

Title length matters

  • Social sharing
  • Google truncates long titles in search results

SEO and content marketing are two different disciplines requiring sound knowledge and skills .Both disciplines should not compromise each other’s goals. Integrating content marketing with SEO help you to achieve your marketing goals.

Strategically close integration of these disciplines under collaboration yield some great marketing benefits.

SEO companies in Coimbatore wisely make this collaboration possible with more marketing benefits.

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