What Is Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?

What Is Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?

Vinitha March 30, 2020

In other words, when a web version of a site loads on the smartphone, most people would likely click the back button.

That is important because Google needs to keep users happy. Pages that aren’t mobile-optimized contribute to disappointment. And even though you rank and win the button, most people aren’t going to hang around to consume content.

With Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool, you can check whether your web pages are mobile-friendly.

If they aren’t, then hire a developer to repair it.


Page speed is the pace of loading your page. It is a Desktop and Mobile ranking element. Why? For what? Google needs to make its customers satisfied, once again. If its users click on search results that take too long to load, this will lead to frustration.

Using Google’s Page Speed Insights tool to test the speed of your web pages. Alternatively, use Ahrefs Web Audit to test that pages are sluggish to load across your platform. Just go to the report “Results,” and look for the warning “Slow Page.”

Search intent

It’s easy to find a keyword or keywords you wish to rate for. Only paste a subject into a keyword analysis tool like Ahrefs Keywords. Explorer, then look with the search volume for appropriate keyword ideas.

That said, what a lot of people fail to recognize is that their page aligns with the search purpose of their chosen keyword.

Let’s take a look at an example to demonstrate search intent.

Here are the latest Google search results for the “slow cooker recipes” query: given the similarities between the two keywords, the Google search results display two entirely different collections. They have pages containing lots of recipes for the “slow cooker recipes.” We include product lists for “slow cooker” and category pages for ecommerce.

Google interprets the intent behind the question, and displays the user’s results.

That is the purpose of the search in motion.

What to prepare yourself for this?

Look at the top pages and ask yourself questions in order to recognize the “3 C’s of search intention.”

Type of content: Are most production blog posts, product pages, category pages, landing pages or something else?

Content format: Does Google primarily rate guides, list-style posts, videos, comparisons, opinion pieces, or something entirely different?

Content angle: Is there a common trend or single point of sale across top-ranked pages? If so, this gives you some insight into what the searchers may find significant.

Besides that, you can also test to infer intent for the existence (or not) of SERP apps.

For instance, if the results contain a featured fragment, then this may mean that the searcher is searching for information. If you are investigating keywords, you can browse in Ahrefs Keywords Explorer for keywords with or without unique SERP features.

Google’s ranking algorithm for backlinks is based on what’s called PageRank.


This interprets backlinks as votes, in simple terms. In general terms, pages with more votes tend to rank higher. How do we know? Many SEO web pages, analyzed nearly a billion web pages last year and found a strong connection between the referencing domains (links from specific websites) and the organic search traffic.

Long story short, if you want to rank for something worthwhile, backlinks matter. The problem is that links, particularly to certain types of content like product pages, can be challenging to create.

There are plenty of strategies to create links, but if you’re new to the game, try to build links to your best information material (e.g. a blog post or a free tool).

Here’s one way to do this: Google searches for your target keyword. Look for non-good pages like yours. Paste the page’s URL into our free checker of backlinks to see the top 100 links.

Consider seeking these people out, describing why your content is better, and asking if they will substitute the connection for yours.This approach is commonly referred to as the Skyscraper Technique.

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