SEO errors

SEO errors you should avoid in website optimization

SEO errors

SEO errors you should avoid in website optimization

SKEW September 14, 2017

Top SEO errors you make in optimization process

You think you want to focus on SEO for primary traffic strategy and optimize your site. Before you do, we give you some of the typical SEO errors you make while optimizing website. Once you done doing optimization, the search engines like google sends significant viewers daily to your site. Optimizing your site and blogs is very important in Content marketing strategy. SEO has long term benefits for all websites. It just keep changing to adapt new techniques and its usage is in the hands of business people. It is the powerful way to bring more viewers to your site. You can drive them towards your sales funnel with the increasing online presence in web.

Seo methods and concepts changes according to the search engine development and user’s business perspectives. It is quite hard to reach the top position of successful optimization technique. Many businesses falls down in the trap of inaccurately doing seo. If they do so, then they get opposite results instead of getting traffic and conversion rates.

  • There are some typical SEO errors which are very hard to find and avoid. Search engine rules and guidelines are very hard to predict. You can’t verify your seo methods in real time with optimization test approaches.
  • You can’t pick any kind of optimization technique for your site. Though optimization field is evolving now, some of them are harmful in long run process.
  • We concentrate on Top SEO errors you tend to make in business site. If you keep and follow to avoid these mistakes, your business will bring expected results to complement your efforts.

SEO errors

Keyword Stuffing

You should avoid using your targeted keywords often in content. You may think that target keywords in every sentence, will improve web ratings. This approach is very wrong. In fact if you go overboard with extensive usage of keywords, then search engine report it as spam. This in turn definitely ruin your efforts in seo performance. In short, Keyword stuffing is not a crucial point to make your seo success.

  • These overuse of intended keywords make your content unnatural and useless for potential audience. In fact, search engine google is having special semantic search known as Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). This program easily recognize your content topic with no need of repetitive keyword stuffing in your content.

Using wrong keywords

Choosing the right keyword is all about optimizing your site to higher web ranking. Before you write content. Think whether you choose right keyword or not?

  • People used to make mistakes in this section without considering search engine and user’s preference for long tail is good that you define your products and services in specific way. But, it is equally important to understand words your potential customers use to refer to them.
  • The words you consider right to use, may mean completely strange to other people. Or Google Adwords Service sometimes your preferred words or terms can look like a generic. In either case, you should know you optimize for all wrong keywords. We advise you to do background research carefully before initiating optimization.
  • You should use google analytics and keyword research tools, to gain knowledge in trending keywords list.

SEO errors

Avoiding title and Meta descriptions

Title and Meta descriptions part are very important elements in SEO. Search engines consider these optimizing factors to crawl your site. If you don’t avoid missing this huge potential, search engine improve content performance. Sometimes, content marketers forget to include image tags. These tags are the sign of targeting articles.

Duplicate and thin content

  • It is about quality of content and search engine penalize your approach of duplicating Plagiarizing content is a spammy practice which is discouraged. It is worth to create original and meaningful content instead of copying contents.

Missing quality links

Content marketers should gain the quality of external links attached in content. Quality of links is very important than quantity of links. You ensure that you link to relevant and high ranking reputed websites. Link back to sites that have linked you which bring back traffic to your site in future.

  • Avoid using ineffective anchor text as it wastes SEO opportunities of redirecting users about particular link benefits. Avoid using same anchor texts as it is spammy.

Contents not relevant to keywords

Producing content that is not relevant to your keywords is major pitfall in seo company in chennai. Problem occurs, when you want to rank for certain keyword but forget to focus on text on target topic. Search engines serve their users with relevant content for people’s search terms. If your content doesn’t satisfy user needs, it won’t rank well.

  • You avoid making these SEO errors of creating low quality content just to include keywords. It happens when you try to write different topic within one content.

SEO errors

Fast and mobile-friendly site

SEO optimization is not only about content and keywords but also quality of website. Mobile friendly website is user’s top choice and check its performance on mobile devices. Your seo ratings won’t go higher, if your site have no smooth mobile experience for audience.

  • Similarly, a slow speed site leads to lower SERP Use online tools to analyse speed problems and how to fix it.

Power of social media networks

  • When you share your content on social sites, get user attention who have significant online influence. Your content gets noticed by both search engines and target audience. It’s important to build relationship with power users and use their credibility to brand products.

Using search engine analytics and tools

  • Best way to know performance of your SEO optimization by tracking process. This a serious SEO error and review your analytics regularly for better optimization results.

SEO is most important part in content marketing strategy. So, with our suggested top SEO errors you can recognize them easily before making them in your marketing strategy.

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