Best way to get your website to the top of google

Best way to get your website to the top of google

Ruthresh July 31, 2018

We first provide an SEO tips which helps to know how to top Google search. Both paid search and organic was completely different. In earlier, to get to the top of Google it was only a way of doing some killer keyword research, verifying your site had a good and clear design and making sure you had a ton of high authority backlinks on your way. But, now these are very important tips. SEO is the best way to get your results in top of the lists. But it takes times to get your results in top search engines. These 10 best tips helps to get your website to the top of google.

10 Best SEO tips to get to the top of Google

Optimize for RankBrain

It is Google’s machine learning AI system that has been published by Google to one of the top three ranking signals in its huge range of giving things.

Google uses RankBrain to manage unique or misleading questions which have never been asked before. In a day, brand new queries have a search of 15% and Google proceeds three billion searches daily which means that 450 million searches are completely unique in a day.

Machine learning is obviously need to manage with this huge demand and it is difficult for search marketers to really optimize for.

‘near me’ search queries

Best way to get your website to the top of google

Googles, ‘micro-moments’ are the main touch points within today’s user journey and when combined together, at last they decide how that journey ends.

This common points to mobile as the key points of local search and how basically you should be doing exactly for that.

Now, mobile searches are very important and there is a huge opportunity for businesses. But some businesses are straggling on poor mobile user experiences.

So, it is all about relevance, anticipation and ease of use

Local Searches


It is not good optimizing for ‘near me’ search queries if you are not really there. Then you need to sort out your local SEO.

The best thing you do this by optimizing your Google My Business page. So, you need to follow some features like:

  • Regular updates
  • Select the right categories
  • Important details on opening times
  • A specific description on your business
  • Your business phone number and address
  • Lots of imagery

One of the important local SEO part is making sure you have lots of visible customer reviews.

 Optimize for natural language and voice search


The Internet Trends report in 2016 say that Google Voice Search queries have increased more in 2018.

Why voice search?

Voice input is faster than typing, so you will have access faster results. There are salient accessibility issuers are happens. The users have difficulties for typing on few devices and they are like to avoid complicate menus. At last no matter how mobile optimized website is or searching on a mobile or how big our phones are obtaining is still complicated.

Google has performed difficult to increase its search engine, so it can improve to know levels, points in time, ordered items and hard combinations.

The important way to optimizing for voice search is to offer content for more direct questions which are spoken in their natural language. Basically we use when typing into a search engine, where keywords are ruling.

Answer a question


Proceeding on from optimizing for natural language is immediately answer questions with your content.

Google dispose third party websites in order to provide searches with a clear on-SERP answer to their more ‘content-based queries’. But Wikipedia used to be the superior website in these answer boxes. It’s becoming less as Google knows that more quality professional content is coming from other publishers.

However, you may decide what questions of your website can make content and answer which does completely that. It will assist, if you are as short as possible, you put the question in the headline and answer the question as soon as possible in the article.

Pay for it

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Now, you can ignore all these tips, just paying your way to the best with Google AdWords or PPC ads. But, you will still want quality ad copy, proper landing pages and high customer rated products (usually if you are entering into the Product Listing Ads space). The only problem that occurs in this method is your money.

Get in Top Stories, implement AMP

Gaining your website into Google News has always been an absolute way to drive short-term traffic to your content.

It is not best for evergreen request, but best quality news stories can be good for other websites linking to you as a point.

Best stories in the mobile is similar of the desktop. In the News segment is now filling up with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). It is Google’s open source program that access webmasters the capacity to make super-quick, stripped-down, immediately loading versions of web-pages for mobile users.

AMP is not helps to rank your website, but if you are developing in Top Stories thus including AMP pages will develop user experience.

 Mobile optimized

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The most important thing is your website should be mobile optimized. In earlier it was not a ranking signal, but now it helps to increase your website ranking. In SEO, website must be mobile optimized. Most of the web designing company use mobile responsive websites for their clients.

Website Speed


Now, website speed is also an important factor for ranking a site. AMP helping to improve the website speed. But, it is difficult in nature and it is not surely the perfect solution to increasing the website speed. Normally it feels like a “quick fix”.

But, still you want to rank the speed of your real website, it is not just joining on Google-owned areas. Website speed is also one of the ranking factor, but there are different ways you can increase your performance.

Now, you can check your website speed using this tool and then you can make a report breaking-down where you can develop.

You can also create a large variation in reducing page load by optimizing these image optimization SEO tips for website speed.

 Twitter presence

Social Media Logos

The last tip in this list, it’s undoubtedly not the last thing you can optimize to gain top of the list. But, one important modify to the SERP is the introduction of tweets.

Google and Twitter have a great deal in the last year, now tweets are indexed on SERPs. If you search for a brand, personality or publisher, you will now view a live timeline of their latest tweets.

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