E-commerce Website Services and the role of networking

E-commerce Website Services and the role of networking

Vinitha July 31, 2015

E-commerce Website Services

The E-commerce is known as Electronic Commerce is trading in products and services through internet. The E-commerce website services has everything on the website and sold on the internet where so many peoples are buying their selected products and in their website with online and like the interest of benefits with their economical prices.The E-commerce website services are assembled separately, but the same basic functions for all the operations and the credit card facilities to provide the payment gateway to the particular ecommerce website services in Coimbatore.

A payment gateway is an organization that works for the credit card communities and the transactions are processed more secured with this we need a payment gateway account in the transaction of respective E-commerce website services.When the plan is fixed the payment and purchase instructions are coming into your control sections, then you will login with your username and password to scene this message in that admin section you can add your update products and new products in the E-commerce website services in Coimbatore.

There are Four types of E-commerce Categories:

  • Business to Consumer( B2C)
  • Business to Business (B2B )
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C)
  • Business to Government(B2G )

E-commerce-Website-Services-in-CoimbatoreThe Role of E-commerce Website Network

The E-commerce Website Services is to transfer their information they need a network provided by information super highway (I-Way). The information super highway is able of supporting together with the E-commerce applications with a large number of collective related information between users and services and also changed the combination of business and customers between their associations.The computers are merged together in a Local Area Network (LAN) device with the help of network interface card (NIC) this act is a communication of the machines between the data of both send and receive in the LAN.The Gateways are an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that related to the user and firewalls that controls your management network and Internet Service Providers (ISP) of gateway nodes.When the E-commerce website is created you need to market your products and services through online with the help of  seo companies in Coimbatore search engine optimization (SEO).


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